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My murderous lyrics equipped with the spirits before me
I mold the lyrics flowing like blood through the artery
Lace em with lyrics that's legendary, musical mercenary
Lyrically performing labotamy on your biology a prodigy
Lyrical attacka, heavyweight lyric never lost a calorie
Flow the placka instigate lyrics to backfile another MC
Fathering styles lyrically raised from death to infancy

Have you experienced spirits in lyrics when you hear em
Yr lyrics are loaners return em to they rightful owners
Killing the first born daughter of lyrical Yul Brenners
One lyrical Schwarzenegger writing words like commander
A lyrical txt handler murdering motherfuckers lyrically
My specialty is poetically lyrically energetically this
Physically lyrically hypothetically realistically that.

Lyrically connecting all the dots and then I blast some
Yo, I'm lyrically gone just letting the spirits live on
Throughout all the lyrics that yu hear in all our songs
Lyrical arson rush - a million martians committin arson
Extraordinarily, I lyricize, see Ye olde lyrics of fire
Yo I got one lyric pointed at your head just as a start
My state-of-the-art lyrical lasers is (are) razor sharp
Cause as soon as I pic up the mic the lyrics just start

With the core of these explicit lyrics from the editor,
It goes 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-murder-1 lyrics at your door
Lyrics are flippin like Dominique Dawes with no drawers
Dope ki lyrical cascade height, SWATS type, mic soldier
Lyrics jotted on paper cause ya terror like the Creeper
Lyrical the kick make me ya mentor an X flex lyric seer
Well the lyrics of my peers have changed course here''s
[Korn appears here instrumentally only, not lyrically.]

Can't come back, lyrically I''m off scale, hype stealer
Lyrical cap pealer, the poetical, lyrical, miracle son.
More lyrical artillery than the armed forces, and mixin
And mixing up those lyrical faces - a lyrical lynch mob
From thot's bridge to hell's gate, lyrically detonating
Lyric utilizer, they remind you of bass I'm everlasting
So never twist it up that lyrically we even be thieving

Similar to this, what's the repertoire: kick deadly wit
Witness this, yo the pissed lyricist, bang like a Crip.
KnowhatI''msayin, there's this lyrical high, real quick
I can't get enough of it, the rough shit grenade lyrics
Allow me to place my own lyrical duchess in your bushes
Meetin lyrical wishes like swooshes the lyrical cleanse

You either have their hits, or retype crazy hype lyrics
I got these lyrics waking up all their database spirits
Yo, my rhymes and lyrics find these spirits in a seance
When that lala sound hits ya, and lyrics just split ya,
Through my lyrics I'll show ya, drop these lyrics on ya
Strong as ammonia. What did I just show ya, real lyrics
Doggone ya. Yeah. I've got a lyrics some lyrics for ya.

They are the audience & I am the lyricist. You get your
Lyrics from the internet. A lyrical attack, perhaps, it
Was a visual bluff (Yeah man) Here''s another lyric, go
Puff it. That''s some stuff, I''m finished until lyrics
Stick lyrics back to back, that''ll pack keep myself on
Wax. Lyrically splat-datted until your mentality blacks
Bomb attack on wax, lyrical mini macs to your back. Try
To bite my style on wax & then watch these lyrics crack
Your teeth, and smooth to the groove, lyrics that sooth

I''m lyrical living proof, you can''t handle the truth.
Lyrical lovers take me for no filth, go check the girls
And trying to bite the lyrical tactics vocal gymnastics
Aiyyo, bad lyrical gaffs spittin these criminal tactics
On open mic I bone just to keep my lyrics coming (bitch
That's why your dame was open once I threw these lyrics

I''m the authentic poet to get lyrical, drop it on you,
Messing your program with lyrics that make you say damn
Let this lyrical guy scuba dive right between yr thighs
I can french-kiss my lyrics, run trains with a sentence
And the lyrics, bodyguard the lyric with limited stance
Lyrics are so hardcore, they'll leave you flabbergasted
Yo, check it, my lyrics stripping this track butt-naked

When rhyme gets crazy hot, lyrics don't know how to act
A DBA lyrical P known as a simp and I am that sycophant
C''mon, beats -- Mr. Madman attract lyrics like magnets
Doing lyrical backflips off the page that grips yr rips
I''m like a villain, and I''m representing on my lyrics

While you are busting lyrics about funs y'all've toted,
Hit the city limit, lyrics start with lyrical antidotes
Academic journals print these lyrical quotes, hit notes
That analyze how my lyrical notes float, like sailboats
Y''kno these lyrics burnin'' blisters deep in my throat
Lyrics are recorded Aug. 4, 1947 by the Andrews Sisters
Okay fella; i own my masters, my lyrics, my merchandise
I''m living lyrical miracles i''m just ice like precise
My individual is criminal but lyrical plays yr exercise
You want lyrics? We come correct, Bust em lyrics shots
From the AKG, a studio lyricist real with talk the talk
Our explicit lyrics tell it like it is. No doubt we got
Jams that'll smack ya, I penned three books of lyrics -

Lyrics bang from nearly thirty feet, lyrical swiftness,
Lyrical arsenist, and drop some smooth lyrics [Bridge -
They slept on my lyrical ability to blow & I''m a chief
An instrumental piece these words I lyrically syndicate
They declared my lyrics illegal weapons in every state,
Lyrics generate, penetrate a catastrophe a disaster see
Whose solid lyrical ideologies uncover hidden fallacies
Satisfy my lyrical semen, planting my Johnny Apple-seed
With lyrics as deadly as the VD''s, make ya lungs bleed
Lyrics must contain more than clothes, bitches and weed
*This is the same lyric as a ''Just the Two of Us'' EP*

'Cuz I knew you grew: my lyrics, my lyrics ain''t clean
Put you down cuz yr lyrics suck more than Divine Brown,
And these stupid dumb lyrics make you think I'm a clown
I own that crown for lyrical combat, my lyric is 8 ball
I got all these: magnetic energetic lyrical calisthenic
Lyrical tactics like hack tricks, this shit look hectic
Illmatic, lyrical skills are Jurassic, lyrical lunatic,
This maniac emcee I''m +Dianetics+ combined with lyrics

Cause lyrically on a scale of 1 to 10 I''m twenty-five,
What's the difference? Y''all ain''t in lyrical fitness
Holy wack unlyrical lyrics Andre, you're fucking right!
That MC's tryin to be lyrical, takin lyrics in my mouth
Like shit your lyrics ooze out ya mouth. Cause deep in-
Side my mental racks I've got stacks, of lyrics hidden.

You hold for the mic upon they call me lyrical champion
When we come the dance, my epic lyrics are not yet done
Yet, a bullet beats, every verbal lyrical assassination
Makin all you critics fiend these lyrics fr funky minds
Lyrics flow like an automatic weapon, kick th windmills
Vital and critical, literal lyrical, making it, pitiful
I''m lyrically homicidal idol liable to take your title
Within a single word, or silence vital from the lyrical
Made invisible. None of em lyrical but ego is critical.
Lyrics are sweet like struddel, at the same time brutal
Perhaps you will be the first to approach this, lyrical
Physical rap means we live the lyrics. (Oh my god, tell
Me it's really him? The legendary lyricist makin grim?)

Lyrically electrifyin bitches by lyin, I come I the jam
But I''m like a sprawling tree & every lyric is a limb,
You want our beats and lyrics, you want to get to them?
Get roast, by my lyrics Billy Dee .45 Coly the outcome,
That''s what you get for fuckin with this lyrical demon
(i got lyrics to go) yes it''s like that y''all, c''mon
Well nuff lyrics chats now mi no flap yu dis beenie mon
Dem get astonish how mi lyrics dem a flourish di nation
Lyrics born of my innovision while you peep the mission
Ghetto evangelist, lyric distortion, poetical abortion,
Lyrical three-pack, spiritual miracle [Middle section -
Feel this lyric tear gas stream even on clean versions.

I drive through lyrics like I''m riding on the freeway,
I''m the ????? lyrical marvel ???????? officer ricochet
Nem ya linda lyric must penetrate chat dem must varinte
Check the lyrics flowin right over the tongue a machete
My lyrics motivate the planet, thats tha fuckin bom-bay
I hope you got your shots cause this is lyrical malaria
So if your biting on my lyrics, it''s fool you''ll play
Oscillate lyrics and beats copulate, prop up your tapes
Your have fame and your name, but your lyrics are lame,

Preformatted lyrics be empty like an Alcatraz cellblock
Too many MC''s are rappin, causin some lyrical gridlock
Yr lyrical syllables interlock in my imagined voicebox,
While I''m in the studio I''m bustin lyrics in my socks
Flashing lyrics, surgical metaphysics unlike you idiots
Mike chatting lyrical shock attacks, as a hip hop robot

Born to sing this lyric, a glock immaculately concepted
My rewritten lyrics turn the Pacific into a dry lakebed
Lyrics fast relief like aspirin dust em off like Pledge
Ejected, lyrics selected beyond my control on the totem
I can sit & write lyrics, but never my teenage problems
A line built with friends that once lyrically spit gems
Performed live, I think the lyrics speak for themselves
My epic lyrics like bible edited through to save lives.

Lives the lyrics, Chaos & Havoc, lyrically psychopathic
West Coast lyricist, as Killa Bee clique we swarm thick
The only cure for sick lyrics is to plant a hit gimmick
Cuz the Liks got lyric tricks dating back to eighty-six
Sick lyrics like multiple sclerosis, lyrical lubricants
Of the lyrical intoxicants to make yr breath stink (2x)
From the SQL lyrics that might actually make you think,
Visitors click on the link for correcting lyrics below.

Swell the competitors, explicit lyrics from the editor,
Death & destructor, lyric conductor, Super dumb lyrics,
Lyrical arsonist, lady alligator, just smashing lyrics,
Type flow, lyrical lava, torching up all yr microphones
Flame throwing lyrics, a poet''s blowtorch in this shit
My lyrical form calls up clouds through your brainstorm
Tuckin'' guts stackin'' paper formin'' lyrics real jobs
Observer, L.A.W., Lyrical Assault Weapon is bein served
Poor lyrical nondescripts with their initials engraved.


Tossing lyrical daggers and sending them into your wig,
[JB (spoken):] The legendary master of lyrical combat I
Who hd a record deal but no lyrics in his book I''m all
Lyric assassin while mashin they blasting come fast and
Will these rap lyrics take us plus room all up in Vegas
Submitted applyin, for lyric positions that we occupied

So bounce to the lyrics of the noble Likwit warrior, I'
I''m sitting all around and I''m waitin' for the lyrics
I have to write my lyrics, You''ve been yelling for the
And lyrics sometime man they misinterpret-ate it. Rough
Rhyme mechanical, lyrical at it who? My lyrical formats
Means I''m steppin the mic, lyrics colder than December
Cuz I got lyrics up my sleeve, slam harder than Mutumbo
Watch the crowd burst from lyrics that I say 'The world

Bad intentions to herd the lyrical peak, my inventions,
Try to keep lyrics short and fat like Joe Pesci, get me
De lyrics way me chat. Arising! Alt. Lyrics are blessed
I''m a poltergeist, & lyrically I''m supposed to strike
My lyrical is more visual than television screen pixels
Yo, I used to check out these lyrics against the format
I be the super-lyrical individual I be splittin through
So call me that lyrical Genovese, you can''t compare to
Going blind, trying to keep up with these lyrical lines
Tho I write these crazy fresh lyrics, I don''t eat meat
Come to the spot, I''m droppin' lyrics on this new song
Lyrics don''t display a too don sweet, make it harmless
Let me lick your funky emotions with my cosmic lyricist
Professor of a lyrical thang I''ll take a purist strain
Lyrically hung, I surgically remove his electric tongue
Lyrical arsenal equivalent to arsenic. Lyrical murderer

Distribute lyrics like I''m hand to hand herb hustling,
Hardcore lyrics dispersed to all my real motherfuckers,
With lyrics so def it''s above the rest, throw her down
I embellish with these lyrics, that can''t be contested
I''m hittin brothers where it hurt, as a lyrical expert
And dropping the funkiest lyrics ever known to yr MC''s
Because I remastered the blank rhythms of winnin lyrics
I''d better pay Big Momma, using his lyrics (You betta)
Farakkhan reads his Daily Qu''ran, lyrics like Ramadan.

I got a whip like Miracle that Ludacris is lyrical FOOL
Now The Lyric And The Noun And The Verb And The Adverb:
I keep a library of lyrics on microfiche ''till I leave
And start spittn some lyrical shit that I can listen to
Take your sorry ass watch me blow my lyrics in the flow
Like P.O.s, you spit background lyrics, I rip Lee flows
Arrest you lyrically flow & caress yr ordinary lyricist
Read inbetween fine print, thinkin abt lyrical con-tent
Cause I''m cold kicken'' lyrics like my arm was on fire
So mandatory my elevation, my lyrics are an orientation
[Positive K] I was crowned the best lyricist sweet like
When I clock lyric women give more love than Wimbledon,

Beats and lyrics like matchhouse it matches your spirit
These lyrics of the man, you can''t near it, understand
ATF believes a literally dope lyric promotes drug usage
Criminal mind state of lyricist wanna test us hear this
Assassin lyricist, serious, pushes this criminal lyric,
Reignin on they brains with lyrics, from the mountains,
Lyrical verse with such pain, built like Schwarzaneggar
I hustle with these lyrics as if it''s a game of crack,
[you sent me e-mail about your new lyric site and i...]

Parrish and Erick at lyrics that''ll make ya turn it up
On this drunken lyrical hanglider and nobody''s tighter
True beaters, my minerals and new rhymes survive lyrics
Cause I''m yr hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat
Yes I''m your hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat
Listen to the lyrics! Bo! KRS-One''ll flash this lyric,
Here comes Yvette on the lyric and BDP boy we''ll flash
Lyrics I be dropping is too much for these mortal minds
Snatchin pockets lyrically suckas flea when they notice
The lyrical genius with the real windy R& amp;B messiah,
And my lyrics be atomic rockets, cosmic vomic - spittin
New tunes fi buss and me have lyrics fi spare machetes,

You see the way I shoot off lyrics like a firin'' range
Hittin you with lyrics, separate yr body from yr spirit
I''m the illest lyricist in America MC''s can''t see me
I levitate to all occasions, lounging like yr lyricists
Six months later, hear yr lyrics on my shit you feel it
I''m here to make a mess of a lyric smuggling embezzler
It''s not important that you''re a lyrical dissertation
I kno you''re lovin my shine, the way my lyrics combine
YaknowhatImsayin? Want to indulge lyrical masturbation?

Hysterical, spiritual lyrics just like the holy Qu''Ran
Well it''s the Funk Doctor Spock, the pon cock lyricist
Did I mention, my lyrics get more ahhhs than a dentist?
This is a lyrical combat, gentlemen grab hold yr pistol
Last Mohican, the lyric I''m speakin, wild as an Indian
Pine fragranced lyrics, with rhymes you can''t imagine,
Doing infinite assault, these harddrive lyrics I commit
Lyrical apocalypse just spilled, wasted your metropolis
I''m a businessman, and you kno my lyrics are well writ
I left the lonely lonely and let the lyrics loose in me
Just listen to my lyrics evry day for a couple of weeks
when I rip a show, with my lyric-al, I''ma let you know
These types of lyrical styles cannot be spoken sloppily

Go to sleep with the lyrics I left in the minds of each
Lyrical gangbang but it''s just a G thang, the hardcore
I''m lickin lyrics and shootin the gat on the mic black
Says who? Says me, lyrical spirit, that''s overwhelming
When I cock back this lyric, y''all punks best be ghost
As your lyrics get buried, six feet deep in my backyard
The Unlady Like diva, lyrical maneater, don believe her
Lyrics unravel, faster than bullets travel thru barrels
MCs will compete with lyrics and beats will get crushed
I be the all seeing lyrical hammerhead sharp peripheral
The lyrical verbalist, trash herbalist go one two three
Cut you kicking with my lyrics, stab you with my pencil
Reinforce the frail with lyrics that''s real, I be that
That be fuckin with you, this triple beam lyrical dream
[tnx MakeiTSparkle@aol.com for correcting these lyrics]

Tell me all the time "Yo your lyrics is hype"
Lyrical shots into the dawn, till the lyrics lock tight
I ain''t no lyrical ATM, though I''m nice, I''m a mack,
Swinging lyrics like broken glass, palm to skull y''all
And my minks is fitted, lyrically I''m sid-dick, gamin,
Bein the best up with lyrics dressed up, don''t mess up
Got that lyrical chicken feed for all the chicken heads
Cause I''ll be cold kicking lyrics until the day I die,
Every lyric turnin'' charcoals into Diamonds and Pearls
You''ve been arrested for lyric fraud, but now you hard
[*the lyrics below are written backwards in this song*]

[*the only way to hear the lyrics is played backwards*]
Why don''t you gimme a lyrical shoutout on yr album Jr?
For beats with plenty of bass and lyrics said in haste,
When ya listen to these lyrics it''s a conscience song,
Lyrics that are bright and recite on the mic to excite,
While you cramming to understand this contraband lyric,
I transmit this transcript, this transcontinental lyric
Bridging gaps in a lyrical grudge match, then slug back
Mental seduction run sound suction, abduction of lyrics
I drop lyrics off and on like a lightswitch a bad cough
Hey, booboo, who control your brain like lyrical voodoo
Two million out the gate to be labelled lyrically lame?
Now say who is the king of these rude lucrative lyrics?

It was struck by the lyrical force of th Big Daddy Kane
Ladies and gentelman with a new lyrical weight champion
Lyrical miracle days platinum plaque right off the back
Relentless endless friendless when on this lyrical mack
With no-one left to shine for (whatever the lyrics are)
Lyrics can be astonishing from this Likwid Conglomerate
Roaming around this project this lyrical logic I dilute
Cloakin'' chokin; the lyrics are spoken through stages,
Mr. Shakur, can you please explain your violent lyrics?
Running through all these lyrics as if I was fibered in
Yo, ice-watery lyrics that flow like water is spilling,
B,U,S,T,A,R,H,Y,M,E,S full of finesse lyrically complex
A lyricist without a clue, after all what year is this?

You shouldn''t take lyrics serious, might be confusing,
Raging like a lyrical murderer; "Stranded on Death Row"
Ca mi fire them ya lyric fire them not like yr missiles
She''s something I never needed (live lyrics: dream of)
I''m super lyrical, a brain that boosts these chemicals
Ly-ly-ly-lyrically <>...Ly-lyrical mission..
Illusions of my lyrics give you massages, in the coffin
Castles built on high, individual lyrical math abrasion
'Blur', 'N/A', why weren''t the lyrics the whole album?
Represent that boy as my lyrics stang like rival clicks
Against the muthafuckin wall, as these lyrics catapault
Culture preaching, perfect timing, lyrics you a go get,
That''s why a conscious lyric was my favourite subject,

I push these lyrics through any MC, to make it all burn
With precision, autograph lyrics with a number 2 pencil
Come to spread the butter, with lyrics over hominy grit
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (blends with lyrics)
I''ve got a miracle a lyrical capability all through me
With the liquidation, a lyrical radiation you''re facin
In the end, it all boils down to this: we talkin lyrics
My blueprints to money makin'' like the lyrical Charmin
Cyberpunk through the microphone, chrome dipped lyrics,
Who told you you could roll through, my lyrics rose you
From the grave, (*next lyrics overlap Scarface sample*)

Epic poetry mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery,
Breeze through in the Q-45 by my side on a lyrical high
And let the lyrics sit up in the track, like rigamortis
Relentless with lyrics that be brutal that stay true to
Crush you lyrically, like Nell Carter with Big Pun & Run
Cause sister de''pon de mike, and I have got nuff lyric
Strictly hardcore, lyrics till I finished w/God''s laws
Pre-school lyricists are having trouble getting with me

Thats why they put my lyrics up under their microscope,
Fix up lyrics while the President gets his dick sucked?
Spatter-head lyrics that I flick through your transmits
The lyrical skills that kill more ducks than oil spills
An still keep in mind every lyric must come out on time

Lyrics take care of me, they therapy, the A is for Adam
I''m around-the-clock lyricist I sleep in my work boots
Dropping lyrics that are hotter than sex with candlewax
Got the lyrical full clip, giving you a verbal ass whip
Lyrical carjack, make your brains splat, nitwit lunatic
Listen the lyrics '82'c4'f2pon de ridim weh we state up
Frm you love the lyrics coming out me mouth mouth mouth
And me lyrics a provide electricity provide electricity
Because di lyrics dem a blast till de night up night up

[Thanks to Missmatche2790@hotmail.com for these lyrics]
[Thanks to KandeKane@aol.com for correcting this lyric]
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Asking me saying ''Please us with your lyrical thesis''
The lyrics i recite, i say with power till i leave here
So they all know me: the lyrical lunatic, the maniac mc
Mc with lyrics that''s tha fuckin'' bomb bay on Mac OSx
Even upon my death, I''m touching people with my lyrics

Style: empirical, lyrical, and critical like yr d-valve
Yo wisdom, it''s my kingdom, yr lyrics are in bad taste
The mass did worship the lyrics the three consoles did,
Swarm to these lyrics coz search engines are yr fathers
Young useless, lyrically careless, orphaned writer trio
The Lords blessing submit me lyrically incline (uh huh)

Chalk on the board & lyrics in my head from 6 years ago
Wit'' your simpleton (lyrics), your light-hearted (act)
Listen to these lyrics when it''s hot will make it burn
I just like to rhyme, kickin the lyric skills like pele
lyrics> From the album: true north, released 11.14.2000
Practice math this, lyrical theatrics gonna laugh at ya
I''m wieldin lyrics, straight echoes thru the building,

Or maybe, summon thee gods of lyrical warfare that vibe
For each line, precede lyric by a 2/4 measure for years
My soul is expressed in the lyrics comforting the heart
unknown lyrics>> [alternate lyrics: found you bawlin'']
The lyrics will vary from show to show because they are
With headstrong lyrics that rise like smoke from silver
His lyrics are unsound they make no sense, stop selling
Lyrics felt so right, relevant tonight...what the hell,
[Here are the Italian lyrics, broken down phonetically]
People, well nuh clean out yuh ears listen to mi lyrics
As far as mi see a war, physically but mi lyrically nuh
Unuh listen to mi style an unuh listen to all mi lyrics
[note: this is a mystery lyric provided by cade pepito]

I got da lyrical to Midaz Touch spitting them syllables
I put a surge in your city with my lyrics in the air of
High bolts and killer hertz lyrics will kill, they hurt
Alligator now, ''bout to take you thru a lyrical voyage
And they lyrics sounding tired, repetitious and expired
Assume i''m the real one with lyrics, like i''m Cyrano,
What, lyrically handsome, call collect a king''s ransom

Yo, with quickness swift so you miss my lyrical fitness
My lyrics they get up in yr genes/jeans, like parasucos
Cos im clever with these lyrics, forever gonna run this
Standard flow we alert the 5-0 with a lyric make you go
5-0: all they do is smoke hi-jo, MC Freek a lyrical pro

Same lyrics as ''heart of glass'' except the first line
Cause i''m cold kicken'' lyrics like my arm was on fire
It goes one two three when i''m kicking the data lyrics
I try to sing you your song, but the lyrics they fading
Sorry - some of these lyrics have not been transcribed.
Mental seduction, yr sound suction, abduction of lyrics
That perpetratin and takin our lyrics, non-originatin''
Sorry, i have no lyrics of this song, br>would please a
font color=#666699>submit the lyrics for this song /fon
The ocean'' & ''i believe your sweet love'' lyrics from
Recordings of these songs exist. Lyrics taken carefully
Part of the anti-heroin project. Lyrics taken carefully
Married men. The lyrics taken from the japanese single.
Starring charlie sheen. Lyrics from carefully listening

Soften, dilute, poeticize, or commercialize our lyrics,
These lyrics keep flowing and flowing and just flowing,
And still keep in yr mind every lyric must come on time
Original lyrics, original lyrics, original lyrics, Kiki
You hold for the mic upon they call me lyrical champion
When me hold pon the microphone say me lyrics dem great

Flashing lyrics, poetical metaphysics unlike you idiots
These type of lyrical styles cannot be written sloppily
Reality is B.t.j. lyrics R responsible for difficulties
You know when i open my book wit, my lyrics endin this.
Lyrical whip, the word dick lies on the side of the tip

Lyrics in parentheses sung in parallel with main lyrics
Title has been changed, and some of the lyrics as well.
That''s what you get for fuckin with this lyrical demon
Apocalypse now, lyrical wrath blows you off of our map,
A molecular miracle the physical my lyrical always been

I''m the sickest linguistically, illicit lyrical misfit
Bear witness to your lyrics, be involved sharing merits
Rippin the lyrical legend sendin you to mic club heaven
Lyrical legend, thats second to none in this profession
Drink red bull beverage to increase my lyrical leverage

Explain a lyrical unified field so I can test ya skill,
With a bewildering array a SQL database lyrical display
With my words concocted from all the lyrical locksmiths
Against the mutha fuckin wall this raw lyric i catapult
More than 50 bars per minute ya aint in lyrical fitness
Before christ created christmas been in lyrical fitness
Tossed with lyrical brute force thats a title of course

I''m a lyrical demon a stronger drive than crack fiends
Slang doctrine, minoxin, lyrical toxin, i''m chessboxin
It''s all fresh lyric, no nothing that''s repeated here
Hysterical lyrical launch, anotha riddle lost a calorie
(Lyrics by person) tho blackbird''s beauty lyrics clean

This is an instrumental track hence there are no lyrics
(I wasn''t to sure on the lyrics email if you know em!)
Being the greatest lyricist can''t paint a full picture
I swing lyric like a swinga wld rustler lyrical hustler
Propel like this, just wrote the lyrics to dj innovator

The spirit has haunted your laced up lyrics, so i slept
Me and lyrics one ton, straighten up and choose one son
Transcribin my lyrics is a c-h-u-b, is not his but mine
And, funk all pure lyrics that turn them to alcoholics,
These lyrics abundant, dirty fat blue beats are pungent
I''m a lyrical defamer, just like gloria i''m a gaynor,
And the lyrical storm cause when it rains here it pours
{Uhh his lyrics are... so, extrordinary...} you fear it
Show whos the boss lyrical force {well, i don''t think}
Jump up on the scene deliver lyrics that are sorta mean
Kickin lyrics that is quite potent shock the pure metal

All because of stupid lyrics, on "the blurred crusades"
Clash lyrics / allen ginsberg lyrics / Clash lyrics are
[still these are only the lyrics frm the inside sleeve]
I be the all seeing lyrical hammerhead sharp peripheral
Browse all lyrics: a lyrical verbalist, trash herbalist
Fall fresh apon the spirits, a lyric thats overwhelming
Moves never perceived or thought lyrical johnny cochran
Keep it real, yo yo bob stop jerkin come do your lyrics
Of the lyrics i''m bustin, suckas tend to get mad at me

The lyrics i bust make you brag and boast, like pitchin
Cancel yr promotion, rub my compiled lyrics in a potion
I stake my claim in the expanded lyrics of all humanity
Waxin up suckers with the lyrics, one continuous breath

Super hype, mellow compton philla cold chillin lyricist
Chase me down with a gun, because my lyrics weigh a ton
Nother sucker dead, lyrics slack straight to your head.
With your fucked up lyrics you can''t shoot this gifted
I''ll haunt your CS studio, become your ghost lyricist.
I''ll start dropping fools, ''cause they lyrics be like

Your lyrics to "help me" are wrong as are most of free,
I couldn''t let you keep a wrong lyric, concrete blonde
Return you to the home page. The lyrics are as follows:
Mixing ''card with some sprite, lyrics we put inside ya

Bustin lyrics sharper than razor blades from head 2 toe
With lyrics still as tight as a digital straight jacket
The lyrical night stalker, in my pair of creased khakis
Drop da shit on ya lyrics cos ya rhyme style is doo-doo
The only words comin out of my mouth is a lyrical thang
[b] Ay i ain''t done with lyrics yet, that''s not cool,
DJ pam cuts up "lyrics from the bank of reality" flavor
This politicalsymphoniclyricalnarcotic level the street
Not yet lyric-ed to their song of their spirited throng
Extraordinarily i lyricize specialize (vocals by trixie

So rub it in ... in your dumb lyrics. Everything I hide
Pine fragranced lyrics, with rhymes you can''t imagine,
Ghetto evangelist, lyric distortions, textual abortions
Yr body and bury two more lyrics with the styles varied
It''s a lyrical piranha strapped to a grenade in a pool
My lyrical thesis broke pieces (scabies, music captain)

My twelve-bar count dracula wit spits lyric spectacular
Friends and fools can tell ya abt the lyrical spiritual
Skunk derelict ghetto lyrical methodological specialist
Plus: i''m gettin hysterical wit my lyrical concoctions
Six for your kicks cos i write songs like i was lyrical
I''m not the typical lyrical guy that is like a miracle
Uncontrollable lyrical motions flow from digital larynx
Check it out y''all, it''s the maniac, lyrical brainiac