No-Body Zone

Utilizing a spectrum of films, scripts, recollections and material ephemera, No-Body spins a paranoid web of incidentally connected work around the hermetic mythos of Richard Foreman’s novel-in-parts No-Body. Can a book become a city, not exactly. Can a book become a reverberation machine, not exactly. It is in the liminal space between these models (among other reading systems) that our audiobook, our website, our thumbdrive vibrate together as No-Body.

Like all hermetic projects, our No-Body archive shimmers with blind alleys, broken signs, and exploding hearts. You may get lost among its fragments, or find a path — a reading method — that pulls you through. No-Body dances among media—audiobook performance, hypertext plays, hard drive distribution, theatrical performance.

Studio X, NYC, July 14 2009

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