Ordinary Media Research Workshop

The Ordinary Media research workshop is convened by James J. Hodge and Daniel Scott Snelson with the generous support of the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities at Northwestern University.

We aim to establish new conversations within the humanities about the ways in which β€œalways on” technologies like smartphones, Google search, and social media engage with emerging forms of art and literature. This transdisciplinary workshop bridges a range of departments and groups at Northwestern, including English, Comparative Literary Studies, Radio/TV/Film, Screen Cultures, Performance Studies, The Block Museum, and Art History and Practice, while connecting these conversations to artists and writers in the midwest and further abroad. In a series of innovative events, the series interfaces the scholarly form of the lecture with creative workshops led by invited artists, scholars, and thinkers.

Unless otherwise noted, research workshop meetings are held at Northwestern University on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm in the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities seminar room in Kresge Hall.

Ordinary Media Website

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