Teleconference was developed for the New Museum Research & Development VOICE Registers series. It represents a research initiative investigating the voice as both concept and vibration. It was developed by Research Service in conversation with the following participants: Charles Bernstein, Jeanne Dreskin, Roksana Filipowska, Becket Flannery, Cassandra Gillig, Mark Johnson, Alexi Kukuljevic, Steve McLaughlin, Joe Milutis, Rit Premnath, Jean-Michel RabatΓ©, Paul Salveson, and Kaegan Sparks.

Interviewees were called by three robotic avatars of Research Service members. These avatars posed a series of preprogrammed questions both to the group as a whole and to specific subjects. The results have been edited and collated here.

Teleconference features a hidden bonus track by Charles Bernstein; a musical interlude by Joe Tossini, courtesy of Mark Johnson; a live musical performance by Joe Milutis; and a sampled soundtrack by Richard Rossmini from AT&T’s 1974 wordless documentary, β€œThe Hello Machine.”


New Museum Voice Registers: Research Service Teleconference

Research Service Mirror

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