Also This: No Title

“Even more exciting […] is “Also This: No Title (essay and reprise),” an original audio/textual work created by Snelson himself, which cannibalizes his selections, weaving together sundry fragments of sound and syntax to create a rich palimpsest, reminiscent of the experiments of both Whitehead and Mac Low, which not only traces the spidery lines of influences running through 20th Century poetics, but also allows these discrete entities to communicate with one another, interrupting, bolstering and contradicting preceding statements. These techniques have their origins in Snelson’s earlier work, my Dear coUntess, a video-poem which systematically reconfigures texts by Ron Silliman, Walter Abish, Amos Tutuola, Samuel Beckett, Gertrude Stein and Kathy Acker, among others, and in true Cagean fashion, in both works, our attention is just as often held by speech as by the “silences” — the pauses, the non-verbal tics and glitches.”

Also This: No Title, PennSound Editorial Reprise Audio Essay, 2008

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