The Dark Cloud of Dr. Mabuse

A flash artifact project in critical remediation situating the criminal mastermind of Fritz Lang’s Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler within the webs of digital culture spun by contemporary technologies. Includes new uploads of Dr. Mabuse, Der Speiler, an essay titled “Reveal Source Code: Dr. Mabuse Online: Authorship Madness,” &a performance suite with AMJ Crawford called “The Dark Cloud of Dr. Mabuse vs. Gertrude Stein Video Organ.”

A call-and-response performance fresh out of the boxed-in world of yr average poetry reading or video projection, AMJC &Danny Snelson re-stage a historical spectacle frm within the gaming networks of contemporary culture. Tender Buttons meets German Expressionist cinema with more than a dash of Super Smash Bros Melee.

The Dark Cloud of Dr. Mabuse

Hiding Place at Marginal Utility, Phila PA

14 Karat Cabaret, hosted by Ric Royer, Baltimore MD

post_moot Conference, Miami, OH

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