Radio Poetics / Radiophonic Poetry

Pamphlet Playlist:

Cendrars, Joyce, Mac Low, Yeats, Artaud, Whitehead (G.), Tatlin, Cendrars, Benjamin, Brecht, Cendrars, Farell (D.), Goldsmith, Phillips, Mandeville (w/Frizzel), Kriesche, Bennett, Cage, Baudrillard, Bernstein, Joyce, Cage (to Feldman), Mac Low, Milutis, Young (L.M.), Mac Low, Khlebnikov, Schlessinger, Kittler, Marinetti, Kennedy, Peters (J.D.), Springstubb, Pound, Kennedy, Spicer, Tiffany (D.), Spicer, Whitehead (G.), Chopin, Perloff, Bhagat, Andrews, Marinetti, Khlebnikov, Hollier, Khlebnikov, Khlebnikov, Estefan, Rothenberg, Marinetti, Migone, Milutis, Faitoute, Rotherberg, Spicer, Gallo, McCaffery, De Landa, Arnheim, Adilkno, Kittler, Heidegger, Eisenhower, Knowles (w/Wilson, B.), Pynchon, Tiffany (D.), Whitehead (G.), Migone, Nash, Hagen (W.), Johnson (R.), Khlebnikov

Curator of “Radio Poetics” event for Radio Festival NYC 2008 at Ontological Theater with free103point9 transmission arts.

Radio Poetics zine with blank contact sheet cover produced as part of a guest lecture for course led by Rubén Gallo (Princeton, 2008):[PDF, zine layout: must print &fold]

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