The Book of Ravelling Women

“Aphasic Letters is a kind of Internet-birthed Pallas Athena. […] But it is their The Book of Ravelling Women to which I keep returning. A digital reinvention of an illegal pressing of The Book of Repulsive Women, Djuna Barnes’ 1915 chapbook collection of poetry and drawings, Ravelling Women is entirely stunning. It is quite successful in its unforced and subtle examination of the discourse between discrete media; where much of Aphasic’s other works’ appeal rests significantly on charming ingenuity, the dominance of cleverness behind this piece all but dissipates beneath the evident carefulness and poignancy of thought that went into its making.”

The Book of Ravelling Women, Aphasic Letters: Tokyo, 2008

Drawings and page design by Phoebe Springstubb

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