Voices on a Gender, Performa09

Voices on a Gender presents an aural collage of feminist poetics within recordings of readings by women on PennSound.

The audio collage includes samples from readings by Kathy Acker, Helen Adam, Caroline Bergvall, Lee Ann Brown, Laura Elrick, Brenda Coultas, Rachel Blau Duplessis, Diamanda Galas, Judith Goldman, Carla Harryman, Erica Kaufman, Ann Lauterbach, Bernadette Mayer, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, Jena Osman, Julie Patton, Sylvia Plath, Kristin Prevallet, Joan Retallack, Adrienne Rich, Kim Rosenfield, Juliana Spahr, Gertrude Stein, Anne Tardos, Fiona Templeton, Cecilia Vicuna, Rosmarie Waldrop, and Hannah Weiner.

BROADSIDE, the collaborative initiative of Alexander Fleming and Emily Bellingham, broadcast 24 continuous hours of feminist inspired audio performances, including experimental readings, consciousness raising dialogue, presentations, and live music. Presented by Lisa Cooley Fine Arts and Performa. Part of Lust Weekend. East Village Radio, Nov 7, 9am-9am.

Voices on a Gender, Performa 09, East Village Radio, Nov 2009

Curated by Alexander Fleming and Emily Bellingham

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