Expanding Lear

A demo presenting an excerpt (Scene 1, Act 1) of the Moby Shakespeare reading text of King Lear (via UV Electronic Text Center).

The reading text expands to reveal Quarto (1608) and Folio (1623) modern-spelling transcriptions (via Internet Shakespeare Editions).

Variant passages animated with OKShadow (via OKFocus).

All variants imported from Dr. Larry A. Brown’s “The Complete Text of Shakespeare’s King Lear with Quarto and Folio Variations, Annotations, and Commentary.”

The Warnock typeface is used throughout. This type was designed by Adobe for John Warnock, who co-founded of Adobe Systems, authored PDF technology, and founded Octavo Editions (now the Rare Book Room).

Expanding Lear (digital edition demo)

“A Third More Opulent: Digital Tactics for Expanding Lear” (essay), 2012

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